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Featuring project and product application videos, as well as micro webinar presentations


  • HP+ Flash Liquid Flashing Membrane

    Best practice demonstration for applying BASF HP+ Flash liquid flashing membrane to rough opening.

  • Disaster Durable Solutions

    Revolutionize the way homes and buildings stand up to Mother Nature.

  • Home built with the HP+™ Wall System scores a zero on the HERS® Index

    Eric Bjerre, Building Science Advisor, Maryland and Virgina, TopBuild Homes Services, Inc. and the Environments For Living® program, talks about testing out a home built with the HP+™ Wall System.

  • Narrowing the gap between energy efficient housing and affordability

    Jay Epstein, owner of Health-E Homes Community Enterprises in Virginia, discusses how BASF’s HP+™ Wall System and Neopor® continuous insulation helped him to achieve a “zero” energy build.

  • Ucrete Destruction Challenge – The World's toughest Floor

    Floors in food and pharmaceutical industries must withstand harshest conditions and need to meet highest hygienic requirements at the same time. Our dense and impervious Ucrete flooring systems not only fulfil highest hygienic standards they are designed for the toughest industrial environments, withstanding heavy impact, high and low temperature spillage as well as chemical attack. We challenged Ucrete flooring in the most brutal fashion when bashing, boiling, pickling and freezing it – just to show you how tough Ucrete is. No special effects, no tricks, just brute force.

  • Watson Bowman Acme - Wabo® Bridge Technologies

    Watson Bowman Acme, a BASF construction chemicals business, has been at the industry forefront of the design and manufacturing of expansion joints since the 1950s. As your strongest partner in expansion control systems, not only will Watson Bowman Acme provide you with customized solutions, we will also support your business throughout each phase of your bridge project.

  • How our customers benefit from sustainable portfolio steering

    Find out how we work with our customers in creating and driving more sustainable solutions, which makes good business sense for both.

  • MasterSeal Waterproofing Solutions, flexible cementitious waterproofing

    Application of waterproofing systems in wet areas like bathroom, kitchen, balcony, water tank and planter box. From surface preparation to mixing of materials and applying the waterproof coating, this is a comprehensive step-by-step product application video using MasterSeal waterproofing and sealing, as well as MasterEmaco repair products from BASF.

  • Wall Technologies EIFS Impact Tests

    Impact missile, concussion and puncture tests shown in these videos test the durability of our EIFS solutions.

  • MasterSeal SL 100 - High Performance Sealant

    Master Builders Solutions from BASF presents MasterSeal® SL 100™ High performance one-component, self-leveling hybrid sealant. MasterSeal SL 100 is a one component fast curing, non priming, self-leveling elastomeric hybrid sealant design for expansion joints in concrete floor and decks. This hybrid technology combines the best qualities of organic and silicone sealants to keep moving joints weathertight. Its robust design is suitable to use on green and damp concrete as well as high traffic areas.

  • HP+ Advanced Wall Systems for 2016 and Beyond

  • How does efficient flat roof insulation work? Concepts from a construction site with Neopor®

    Many millions of square meters of flat roof are not yet green – this means wasting an enormous potential of living space.

  • BASF Disaster Durable Solutions™- Weathering the Storm

    Weather can be wildly unpredictable—and increasingly unrelenting. But we can build and retrofit stronger homes, buildings and structures to prepare for the worst.

  • MetaMax® High quality pozzolanic cement additive

    MetaMax® high-reactivity metakaolin product is an ultrafine pozzolan that enhances the strength, durability, appearance, and workability of portland cement concrete and cement-based products. MetaMax® can increase both the early strength and the fully cured strength of concrete due to its pozzolanic reactivity.

  • BEYOND.High Performance® HP+™ Wall System XR - Canada

  • WALLTITE HP+™ high-performance insulating air barrier material

  • Go BEYOND with the HP+™ Wall Systems

    Purpose built assemblies bringing proven BASF products into single, integrated systems for exceptional control of heat, air and moisture.

  • Michael Fletcher Interview at Greenbuild 2015

    Michael Fletcher, Commercial Segment Manager for BASF Corporation’s Center for Building Excellence, talks sustainable construction with the U.S. Green Building Council during the 2015 Greenbuild Expo.

  • Environmental Product Declaration for concrete

    An Environmental Product Declaration, also called an EPD, is a document that presents environmental information about products from a life cycle perspective. BASF offers a unique EPD service that generates third-party validated, customized EPD documents that help concrete producers take advantage of sustainable construction opportunities.

  • MasterFinish: Form-release agents for superior architectural concrete

    These unique admixtures are formulated to enhance the appearance of pre-cast, pre-stressed and poured-in-place concrete by allowing easy separation from the concrete surface. They significantly reduce production costs through their efficiency, ease of use and superb release capability.

  • BASF Commercial Construction Leadership Jam

    BASF Corporation’s Construction Systems business hosted a “jamming” session in Chicago with customers to address the topic of “Recruiting, Qualification and Training: Developing a 21st century workforce for the construction industry”. As part of a global focus on innovation linked to BASF’s 150th anniversary, BASF is engaging smart minds in the world’s greatest cities to generate ideas that address the challenges of our present and future.

  • Meeting the Future with Innovative HP+ Building Enclosure Systems

    Rick Davenport, Director of Sustainable Construction at BASF, presents at ICAA and explains how BEYOND.High Performance® brings you an entirely new, integrated approach to residential construction that combines innovative systems-centric solutions and superior support services.

  • Precast concrete elements for Vienna’s Allianz Stadium

    The new Allianz stadion in Vienna is to be ready for the 2016/17 season and is to offer space for more than 24,000 spectators. Concrete admixtures from Master Builders Solutions were used for the pre-fabricated concrete components of the nine kilometers of grandstands. This project called for a self-compacting concrete with high segregation resistance and appearance was a key factor for the construction of the grandstands. See how this was made possible in this video.

  • A sustainable building reduces the draw on our natural resources

    Turner Construction, who built this 325.000 square foot Headquarters Building, shares its sustainable vision for the future and used many BASF products in the construction. Including the BASF's roofing system, an easy to use spray application and Green Sense® Concrete program.

  • Going new ways with Elastopave®

    As urbanization will increase in the coming decades researchers predict that two thirds of the world’s population will live in metropolitan centres. And they will need an authentic, sustainable infrastructure. Elastopave offers new design scope, being both advanced and near-natural at the same time. Whatever the application, walkways, parking areas, patios, or pedestrian zones.

  • MasterFlow grout product offerings

    An overview of grouting solutions from Master Builders Solutions by BASF

  • MasterProtect® C 350 Hydrophobic Coating

    MasterProtect® C 350 is a water repellent, hydrophobic, high performance coating for exterior walls.

  • Basotect Melamine Foam

    A lightweight, sound-absorbing, fiber-free melamine foam, Basotect® G+ is used in room acoustic applications. It meets the strict emission requirements of the California Section 01350, which fulfills indoor air emissions for California Collaborative for High Performing Schools (CHPS) and several LEED® criteria.

  • Welcome Home to BEYOND.High Performance®

    Learn about the importance of Occupant Behavior in a tight home

  • BASF Acronal® 4333 X Quick-Trigger™ technology offers a variety of benefits

    BASF Acronal® 4333 X Quick-Trigger™ is a roof coating additive that helps reflective roof coating contractors achieve increased early rain resistance, decreased labor time, and season extension.

  • Part 3: Durability

    Learn first-hand how this structural assembly meets or exceeds today’s new codes

  • Part 2: The HP+™ Wall System

    See how building science was used to achieve enhanced efficiencies in home construction

  • Part 1: BEYOND.High Performance®

    Learn how BASF engages with builders to develop a forward plan on how to improve building processes

  • Elastospray® Closed-Cell SPF roofing

    A sustainable roof that offers both the lowest lifecycle cost and a low environmental impact.

  • BASF Elastospray roofing system

  • WALLTITE® Commercial Insulating Air Barrier System

  • A sustainable roof is a roof that you can renew

  • A sustainable concrete mix design reduces the amount of CO2 dramatically

    Michael L. Gentoso, Vice President of U.S. Concrete Inc. describes the benefits of using BASF's Green Sense® Concrete Program. He describes how the use of these concrete formulations reduces the ecological footprint of concrete production. The Green Sense® Concrete Program is used in the project of the groundbreaking One World Trade Center in New York City.

  • Building Science. Building the Future.

    Professional Builder's Tony Mancini chats with BASF at Show Village IBS 2015 on how the company works closely with builders to develop building envelope systems that are sustainable, affordable and efficient. Watch to learn more.

  • Spray polyurethane roofing systems: features and benefits

    Moses Clark, National Accounts Roofing Manager, BASF, discusses the features and benefits of SPF roofing systems.

  • Disaster Durable Solutions™ micro-webinar

    Watch this informative webinar on improved building durability, hosted by Joel W. May, IBHS FORTIFIED Home Evaluator, LEED® Green Associate

  • HP+ Wall Gallery

  • Porous Asphalt Pavement Open Grade Demo

  • Building Blocks of Chemistry

  • Behind the Build. BASF's BEYOND.High Performance home.

    Get behind the scenes in this video featuring the BEYOND.High PerformanceSM home at Show Village 2013.

  • SPF technologies at a glance

    Learn about spray-applied polyurethane foam (SPF) technologies for roofing, interior insulation, air barrier and modular construction applications.

  • Improving Pavement Preservation

    Learn about latex polymers for improved pavement preservation techniques. Porous pavement technologies are also discussed.

  • BASF Environmental Education Classroom and Wildlife Habitat

    The BASF Wildlife Habitat & Environmental Education Classroom in the City of Rensselaer, New York is an international showcase for sustainable development including best practices in site remediation, brownfield redevelopment and high-performance commercial construction.

  • Creating Chemistry for a Sustainable World